RTSS Rivatuner Statistics Server

7.3.3 build 26004

RivaTuner Statistics Server has become the de facto frame rate monitor, display and high-performance video capture service provider for other graphics card applications. Required for FPS display


Download AIDA64 Extreme
Version: 7.30.6900 stable (May 28, 2024) MD5: fc81e39470eaad1d84af1da1e3e40da4 Release notes: Support for Microsoft Windows 11 2024 Update System Stability Test: optimized clocks measurement High Contrast Mode improvements SensorPanel: pin to monitor Support for Intel Meteor Lake-PS CPU Online User Manual Razer PWM PC Fan Controller sensor support Improved support for Intel Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake processors Preferences: optimized opening latency Intel Arc A310E, Arc A350E, Arc A370E, Arc A380E, Arc A580E, Arc A750E GPU support nVIDIA RTX A400, RTX A1000 GPU support

An industry-leading system information tool, loved by PC enthusiasts around the world, which provides extremely detailed information about hardware and offers benchmarks to measure the performance of the computer.


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